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Commissioned by WDR - 2017

What a Circus!

People with disabilities in the arena

A film by Wolfgang Luck

"Circus is not a piece of cake," says Dani after the first day of training. And Julius is sure:"I want to be a fakir". Dani and Julius train for a very special day - their first big appearance in the arena. They're not muscle-steel artists. Julius was born with Down's syndrome, and Dani masters her everyday life despite a mental disability. And yet, together with other physically and mentally handicapped people, they could soon be in the limelight at Roncalli circus. The unusual circus project was donated by the Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel for its 150th anniversary. Julius and Dani are supposed to stand in for other disabled people and prove that no one has to hide from the public. And everyone can be a star in the ring!


Camera: Rainer Friedrich, Till Vielrose, Julian Kolb

Editing: Karl-Heinz Satzger

Assistant Camera: Alexander Czart

Sound Mix: artEffect

Editor: Markus Schall (WDR)