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NDR/ARTE - 04.29.2017 52 mins

Best Science Project Sunnyside, Student Jury Award AFO Science Film Festival, Official Selection Green Screen Festival, Main Prize Science EKOTOP


Nature's Little Superheroes

A film by Björn Platz

Insects are a pest? Think again. This visually stunning science documentary shows how these tiny geniuses can help us solve some of science and engineering’s biggest problems – from building lighter and stronger structures to growing transplant tissue and killing multidrug-resistant bacteria. 


Camera: Christian Eichenauer, Bernhard Wagner, Olivier Guerin
Assistant camera: Alexander Czart, Timo Selengia, Lucas Mouzas
Editing: Ramon Urselmann
Music: Lars Löhn, Felix Raffel
Graphic: Michael Lübben, Nils Andersen
Editor: Claudia Cellarius (NDR)