Songs of War

A film by Tristan Chytroschek


Life in English, The North (1), The South (2)

A film by Larissa Klinker

Dollar Heroes

A Film by Sebastian Weis, Carl Gierstorfer, Jonghun Yu, Tristan Chytroschek und Wonjung Bae

Smoke and Fumes

The Climate Change Cover-Up

A film by Johan von Mirbach

What a Circus!

People with disabilities in the arena

A film by Wolfgang Luck


Nature's Little Superheroes

A film by Björn Platz

Hormones and Huffs

The Science of Puberty

A film by Judith König

Europe's Greatest City Parks

Films by Christian Schidlowski, Hannah Prinzler, Sebastian Kentner

The Settlers

German Version: a&o buero

A film by Shimon Dotan

New York

The Music City

A film by Claus Bredenbrock, Pagonis Pagonakis


Every Minute Counts

A film by Ingo Knopf

Gambling on Extinction

A film by Jakob Kneser

The naked Terracotta Warriors

A film by Lynette Singer. German version by a&o buero.

Blood Antiques

A film by Peter Brems, Wim Van den Eynde and Tristan Chytroschek

Mapping the Future

A film by Jakob Kneser and Pina Dietsche

Snowden’s Great Escape

A film by John Goetz and Poul Heilbuth

Secret Life of Babies

Produced by Oxford Scientific Films. German version by a&o buero.

Secrets of the Vatican

Crime, corruption and cover-up

A Film by Antony Thomas

San Francisco

The Sound Of The Bay

a film by Claus Bredenbrock und Pagonis Pagonakis

Dirty Wars

A film by Richard Rowley and Jeremy Scahill

Saving Syria's Children

In co-operation with October Films and BBC Worldwide

A film by Ian Pannell, Darren Conway

Rare Earths

Hightech’s Dark Side

a film by Christian Schidlowski

Detroit, Michigan - Motor City Music

A film by Claus Bredenbrock and Pagonis Pagonakis

The Crippled Giant

The ThyssenKrupp Scandal

A film by Antonio Cascais and Marcel Kolvenbach

Atomic Africa

A film by Marcel Kolvenbach

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