WDR - 2006 - 45 min.

2007 Marler Filmpreis (Amnesty International) Kategorie Dokumentation

Death In A Cell

Why did Oury Jalloh die?

A film by Marcel Kolvenbach and Pagonis Pagonakis

2007 Marler Filmpreis (Amnesty International) Category Documentary


Dessau, January 7th, 2005. Police arrest a drunken man, tie his hands and legs, and put him in a cell. Around midday the smoke alarm comes on. Oury Jalloh, asylum seeker from Sierra Leone, burns to death in police custody. How could this happen? Who is responsible? We try to find out.

camera: Marcel Kolvenbach, Christian Eichenauer
sound: Sven Phil Lentzen


45 min.