International Emmy, Vivisect International Human Rights Film Festival, DOCSDF Film Festival, One World Berlin Film Festival, FIPA Biarritz, Steps

Songs of War

A film by Tristan Chytroschek

German Environmental Film Award, Main Prize Science EKOTOP, Best Science Project Sunnyside, Student Jury Award AFO Science Film Festival, Student Jury Award Naturvision, Official Selection Green Screen Festival, Award of the Faculty of Engineering


Nature's Little Superheroes

A film by Björn Platz

Official Selection AFO Science Film Festival

Hormones and Huffs

The Science of Puberty

A film by Judith König

Special Prize of Prince Rainier III at the International Television Festival in Monaco, German Environmental Film Award, German Wildlife Film Award, Wild & Scenic Film Festival, Environmental Film Festival Washington D.C., Winner Planeta.Doc, Winner IFF Ekotopfilm Bratislava, Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam, Green Screen Film Festival, NaturVision Ludwigsburg, Darsser Naturfilmfestival, Life Sciences Film Festival Prague, Filmambiente and Planeta Doc Brasil, TEFF Tasmanian Eco Film Festival Australia, Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival, Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival, Winner Matsalu Nature Film Festival, Cape Town Eco Film Festival, Ekofilm Brno, SunChild International Environmental Film Festival, Masuku Film Festival Gabon

Gambling on Extinction

A film by Jakob Kneser

Festival International du Film sur l'Art Montreal, Nyon International Festival of Archaeological Films

Blood Antiques

A film by Peter Brems, Wim Van den Eynde and Tristan Chytroschek

Pariscience, International Science Film Festival Athens

Mapping the Future

A film by Jakob Kneser and Pina Dietsche

Nominee Academy Awards

Dirty Wars

A film by Richard Rowley and Jeremy Scahill

Main Prize Science & Technology, Ekotopfilm Bratislava, Ekofilm Brno, Nature Film Festival Matsalu, International Science Film Festival Athens

Rare Earths

Hightech’s Dark Side

a film by Christian Schidlowski

Gold World Medal Environment & Ecology, New York Film Festival, Winner Green Report Greenscreen Festival, Best Documentary & TV Report FIFEL Lausanne, Environmental Film Festival Washington, Environmental Investigation Award, Japan Wildlife Film Festival, Nominee Grimme Award, Nominee Best Environmental & Wildlife Program Rockie Award, Banff

Atomic Africa

A film by Marcel Kolvenbach

Special Jury Remi Award, WorldFest Houston

The Queen and her Prime Ministers

A film by Tristan Chytroschek and Katharina Wolff

Bergsichten-Festival Dresden, Nominated for International Mountain & Adventure Filmfestival Graz

The Rainmakers' Empire

Uganda's Rwenzori Mountains

A film by Marcel Kolvenbach

Nominated for Prix Europa


Dirty deals with body parts

A film by Wolfgang Luck and Martina Keller

International Science Film Festival Athens - Winner Innovation and Technology Award

Brain Doping

Can popping pills make you smarter?

A film by Hannah Leonie Prinzler and Christian Schidlowski

Nature & Science Award 2011, Green Screen 2010, Golden Dragon 2010

Collective Minds

The intelligence of swarms

A film by Jakob Kneser

2007 Marler Filmpreis (Amnesty International) Kategorie Dokumentation

Death In A Cell

Why did Oury Jalloh die?

A film by Marcel Kolvenbach and Pagonis Pagonakis

1998 Sonderpreis Pädagogik der Landesfilmdienste

Crime Scene Manila

Child trafficking in the Philippines

A film by Rita Erben and Wolfgang Luck

1997 Award for Excellence in Journalism, Axel-Springer-Award

See You In The Next War

A Bosnian tragedy

A film by Wolfgang Luck and Robert Tasso Pütz

1995 Axel-Springer-Award

Tracing Genghis Khan

The trek of the tuva

A film by Wolfgang Luck and Robert Tasso Pütz